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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine's and Words of Love

We had a great trip to Kansas. Bryn came home worn out from playing and me from working!! As you can see Bryn got lots of goodies for Valentine's Day. In the last couple weeks she has started saying "I wuv u, Mommy" on her own and that has been the best Valentines I could of about your heart melting in 1/2 a second!! She's been telling Gigi too.
As we were hanging out in the restroom patiently waiting for a bowel movement Brynlie looked up at me and started saying, in the sweetest voice "I wike pitza, I wike cake, I wike Go-Go." When she started on her list she began staring off into space like she was really thinking hard about everything she liked!! I couldn't do anything but laugh.
Everything with Rhea Lana's is moving right along. Corporate RL rolled out a new website and I'm proud to say that MY saying I made up last year of "Spend Thrifty, Shop Trendy" was trademarked and is on every page of the new website!!!

Spoiled Much???? Surrounded by Valentine presents....this does not count all the CANDY!!

Nap with Papa