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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Each week at gymnastics through the summer we have a themed week. This week was pirates! As I gathered the materials to whip up a custom costume and went on the search for a sword and tattoo I realized I may be one of those moms that go a tad overboard! Hopefully she will have siblings someday so my time and effort isn't completely devoted to her and she won't stand out as the kid who's mom goes over-the-top with everything! But seriously look at this pic.....she needs to be modeling!! She ended up being so stinkin' cute in it I think it'll be our Halloween costume too!

We went back to the water park at Magic Springs on Saturday. I was trying to wipe off these little dirt specks on her cheeks and noticed they are FRECKLES not dirt spots! Hallelujah....she is a MINI ME! About a month ago, when we were outside in the sun, I noticed the tops of her hands are scarred with tiny dots. They are from her IV in NICU being moved around 100 times. I couldn't believe that it scarred her little hands like that, and seeing that brought back a whirlwind of memories. I am so very blessed to have such a healthy and beautiful baby!

She snuck out of bed last night, after panicking I found her playing in her playroom very very quietly. I shouted "Brynlie, what are you doing?" she got upset and told ME that I scarred her! I'm sure I did I was so happy to see her, but really it's not like she didn't hear me YELLING her name throughout the house until I found her. I can say one's NEVER a dull moment with her!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Fathers Day! For Papa!!

And people don't believe me when I say you can often find us at home dancing in our skivvies! HA

Monday, June 7, 2010

Big Fat Fun Day

I devoted Saturday completely to Brynlie, poor baby girl was needing some serious one-on-one time with Mommy. She had a birthday party to go to at Leah's gym Saturday morning, of course she had a blast just having free reign of the gym! Then we headed to Magic Springs. She surprised the heck out of me! She's been such a chicken about some things lately I figured we would go just walk around for a while, but she wanted to ride every ride she was big enough to ride. One she rode all by herself, which made me a nervous wreck! I didn't know she was going to go by herself when I went to put her on the ride because I had to go along all the other ones. She LOVED the carousal, we had to ride that 3 times. Next time out we'll enjoy the "big pool" as Bryn called it. After a nap we went to Gigi's house to swim a bit and have dinner. It was nice to get away from everything...housework, sewing, Rhea Lana planning, etc...and just enjoy a day with my little angel. It doesn't happen near often enough! Glad I got us season passes to the park!

Karleigh's Pinkalicious Birthday Party