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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

After spending almost 2 days in bed I finally felt well enough to get up, get out, and get my baby girl!!!  We got dressed up to go see Santa on Thursday even though she kept saying she didn't want to see him.  I would say "don't you want to tell him all the new toys you want for Christmas?"  Her response was "no, I just want old toys!"  I said "what about the baby brother and real puppy you want for Christmas?"  She said "NO, I'm gonna ask Jesus for my real baby broder and real puppy!"  She's too smart for her own good! 
I thought I would bribe her with letting her go to build a bear for the first time.  She picked out a precious reindeer and Mommy tried to hold back the tears being in that store.  The last time I was there I was buying a Halloween costume for my month old preemie because everything else was too big, the time before that I was pregnant with her building her first teddy bear with her brother Preston.  He built her a rabbit, one of her favorite stuffed animals.  So everyone knows it's ridiculously expensive, but I guess your not paying for the stuffed animal your paying for the experience.  Since my eyes have welt up with tears in that store two times now, I guess it's a special experience for me.    A glorious $50 bucks later for a stuffed animal and we were on our way to visit Santa.  Yeah, right!  She was screaming as soon as we mentioned it leaving the store.  Luckily, for her, he was on his lunch break and there was no way I was going to fight it for 30 minutes waiting on him to return prior to standing in the line!  If you've lost track here's the most recent score postings:
Brynlie: 9, 312          Mommy: 3

A few more stops and we were on our way home to start wrapping!  I was happy to have her help, but let me translate that into Bryn's language......I hold the tape and give you a piece when you ask for one right after I'm done playing with it oh wait I want to put the piece of tape on the present in the complete opposite direction of where you are pointing!  I'm such a gooooood helper! 

We then went to Don and Marilyns to have Christmas with the Cousins.  Brynlie got a really neat ballerina that is her size, you can strap the feet onto Bryn's and they dance together, very nice pj's, a travel toy, a make-up kit, and 2 train cars.  After that semi-controlled chaos we were headed straight to bed (one of us anyways).

Nonnie woke us up when she came over and let us know that Santa had been there!  Santa brought Brynlie a huge train table and all the goodies that go with it and a Barbie doll house that is bigger than she is!  Mommy and Nonnie got her lots of Barbie's for the doll house, lots of movies, an art easel/desk, a Barbie convertible, and some more small stuff.  Papa and Grammy bought her a Leapster2 and game, hopefully these upcoming trips to Kansas can begin being a little educational instead of a straight moviethon.  It took 1 1/2 hours to open presents because she just really wasn't interested in doing anything but playing with the train set and doll house. 

After Christmas Eve service we went to eat dinner with the Harmon's and open yet more presents!  She got lots of ADORABLE clothes and a puppy that she can really walk who barks and pants.   And a complete set of baby bed, stroller, bouncy seat, and play mat for her babies. 

It was an fabulously awesome Christmas, I enjoyed every single minute of it...and it flew by way too fast.  She's gone to spend Christmas with the other half of her family for the next week and I miss her already!  My to do list is purposely long for the next 8 childless days, this should make the week go by fast and enable me to hit the ground running at the beginning of next year expanding the clothing line and prepping for the Spring sale in Wichita. 

Monday, December 20, 2010

December Update

It's been a busy holiday month with lots of parties and lots of eating!  We've stayed busy getting Christmas orders steadily out the door, with the very very very (and I mean it this time) last one going out today!
Brynlie has been an absolute trooper staying home and entertaining herself for a lot of the day while I'm working.  I'm definitely looking forward to some time off this week to just hang out and play with my little angel. 
Unfortunately the week did not start off so great.  Brynlie has the worst ear infection, with a ruptured drum, I've ever seen and I have a cold.  She started complaining Sunday night and I didn't think so much of it until I hear her put her finger in her sounded like she put her finger in a bucket of slim.  EWWWWW!!  I took a look at it besides it being fire engine red she had a ton of drainage.  Within just an hour she was running a fever and her whole face was red.  We went to see the doctor this morning and even after cleaning out her ear she said it was still so full of puss and mucus she couldn't see anything.  Antibiotics and Ibuprofen for 5 days and hopefully we'll be on the mend. 

She picks up more and more and more with each day.  Here are the latest funnies:

She tells me, with arms crossed "I not happy to you!"  meaning....I'm not happy with you.
She tells me, "you the best in the hole wurld mommy"  I've got to get that on video!! 
"Canny Corn" = Candy Canes
There would be a lot more if my memory were better......

I'm really looking forward to Santa visiting this year, he's bringing some awesome presents!  Sometimes she likes him and sometimes she doesn't, sometimes she gets him confused with clowns!  LOL
Gigi brought her Elf on the Shelf this year, but she doesn't quite get the concept just yet.  We've been talking about being naughty or nice this year, and sometimes she just can't hold it together anymore, she folds and yells "I'm just going to be naughty, I want to be naughty!"  And boy has she shown me what naughty is lately!  I've been the mother that is holding her child up off the ground by one arm (yes, in a public place) trying to plea with her to walk while my other hand is full of bags, purse, keys, etc....., the mom that is prying tiny little fingers off something (particularly a pillow pet) in the check-out line while she's screaming, and the one who hands a toy to the lady in the check-out line (because I let the 3 year old walk around the store with it just to be able to get through the store) explaining in the sweetest Mommy voice that I can muster that we will be asking Santa for this super fabulous doll instead of buying today all while my child is convulsing with a look-a-like mini seizure in the basket! 

Ending on a "nice" note, she is still super sweet the majority of the time.  Wanting to snuggle on the couch, giving lots of kisses, always telling me she loves me and loves to help me do just about anything around the house especially cooking.  I'm not sure how this happened, but she has me convinced she has to sleep with Mommy in Mommy's bed to be "comfurtbaly"  
She's asked me several times this month if she could pleeeeease have a baby brother!  LOL!  I told her that she would need to talk to the big man upstairs about that request!  She has now decided that she is going to ask Jesus for a baby brother and a puppy for Christmas. 
I've gone back and forth several times about getting us a dog and still have not made a decision.  I thought now that I'm home I would for sure be able to get one, but we still stay so busy that I'm still not sure.
Here's some pictures from this month

This picture was taken for the website
 Christmas Party at Rock Creek

 The Rat Pack goes to the Circus!  She loved it!!
 Helping Mommy make "waukamoli" for Family Christmas Party
 Decorating the Christmas Tree

 When we were finished she decided the tree was missing just a little something......... :)