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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Future Olympian

Brynlie is doing great in gymnastics. She is the only one who can hold herself up by her arms on the uneven bars. She's the best one on the trampoline in the class and this week she amazed us all doing a bear crawl across the parallel bars. She excels in more complicated tasks in class, yet cannot figure out that she needs to tuck her chin to her chest to do a foward roll! It's hard to get pictures in class because she's in a "Mommy and Me" class, meaning I'm on the floor through the whole class assisting (or chasing) her!

She's done so good with her manners. She is saying "thank you" on her own and often. She says "duse me", which is excuse me and bless you. I don't think I've ever heard a 2 year old with manners like hers. She's still plenty of a TWO year old, she now tells me she needs things "Pees, Mommy....I need it" This usually applies to candy and paci's.
I've been hiking Pinnacle mountain with a co-worker once a week for several weeks now and absolutely love it!! With my fear of hieghts, I'm pretty proud of myself. While at the top I don't walk around or move much and I cannot look up any while I'm coming down, but I keep testing myself and will glance up a few time on the way down. I wish I could just stop and take in the scenery coming down the mountain, because it's gorgeous, but that's okay I'll get there one day. Here's a picture from the top.

Spending some quality beauty time together at Birdsong's Bachlorette Pad :)