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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Look What We Found!

Gigi found this one lone lost paci under her bed the other day and thought it would be funny to bring it to her....well it's obvious she didn't forget what they were!  I didn't even know she had it in bed with her and I went to go check on her during a nap and this is what I found!  HA

This morning while fixing her hair I said "Brynlie, please quit being so dramatic" as she was being a little over the top about me hurting her "hair".  She replied "Mommy, quit being so bossy!!"  It's so hard to get on to her when everything she says is hilarious! 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Halloween and Holiday House

Bryn was a super hero for Halloween.  Gigi taught her how to say dant-ta-da-daaaaah when she put her cape on.  It was a really cute (hand made by Mommy) outfit!  We had a week long event of getting candy!  She got candy at dance and gymnastics, went trick-or-treating at school, a carnival with cousins and 2 round of trick-or-treating that weekend.  The girls fought so much over who was going to ring the doorbell each time we finally broke them up and let them go on each side of the street!  I took a gallon size ziplock bag of candy into work to give away!

Maddison, Mallory and Brynlie


Go Brynlie Go!!  I LOVE this picture!

She was so excited to see the Madhatter!  He was so sweet to stop and let us take a picture.

On November 1st I officially became 100% self employed.  It's been a HUGE blessing and answered prayer to finally be working at home with Brynlie.  That in itself did not come without it's own challenges.  Keeping a 3 year old entertained and happy while trying to run a business out of the house is....well, ummmm challenging!!!  I am so very grateful though that I am here with her, I get to eat every meal with her, read her not only a nite nite book but one for nap time as well too, and can take a break to play outside, paint, or just hold her in my lap.  Now that the NWA Boutique show is over I'm hoping to get us on a somewhat normal schedule.  We did absolutely amazing at the NWA Boutique Show!  We've got enough work to keep us busy through Christmas then it'll be time again to plan for another RL sale.  I'm already looking forward to how much more I can put into the sale now that I'm not tied down to corporate america!!

On November 5th she got her first case of the stomach flu, first time she's ever thrown up!  Since I don't do vomit so well, I can't say that I'm not thankful she was at Nonnie's for the worst of it.  I got to her after she had already thrown up 5 times and she couldn't even make the 12 minute trip home before she threw up again in her carseat.  It was the most pitiful thing I've ever seen.  It literally broke my heart every time she got sick.  She threw up 10 times in just one evening. :(  It took 4 full days to completely be rid of it and I guarantee you she won't drink pink milk or eat spaghetti for years to come!!!  I sat down to eat lunch with her one day (a couple weeks later) with a plate of spaghetti and she said Mommy, is that going to make you sick? 

Brynlie has been her usual funny self and I wish I just walked around with a tape recording in my pocket to catch all this stuff but here's the latest ones I remember.

*I overheard her telling her baby that she was going to teach her how to say holy crap.  I said "Brynlie, what did you say?"  She replied "Anything!"  I said "What did you tell your baby?"  She replied louder "ANYTHING!"  She was trying to tell me "nothing" but gets her words confused....I asked her a couple more times because it was hilarious to hear the attitude while she was yelling ANYTHING!!

*Her favorite cereal is "Yucky Charms" (Lucky Charms)

*I am the bestest and coolest mom in the ever world.....for now anyway :)

*After not eating for 4-5 days I was trying to get her to eat some scrabbled eggs and bribing her with a stroller ride when she was done, really just trying to get her to come on with it so we could get the 3 miles done for the day.  Anyways, she had decided she had eaten enough, let herself down from the table and walked off yelling "Meanness!"  I asked "what did you say?"  She replied, "I'm the baby girl and you the meanness!"  Hmmm....pretty sure 5 minutes before she told me I was the coolest mom in the ever world!  Such is life with a daughter!!!

*She's had a horrible habit of picking her dang nose.  I've tried everything to get her to stop to no avail.  In the car one day I said something about why, don't even remember what I said, but she replied with "cause you got a daughter pickin' nose"  wish I could of remembered the whole conversation because it was hilarious! 

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving and some time off!!  We worked 14 hours a day everyday for 3 weeks leading up to the show.  I feel like I'm recovering from a mini Rhea Lana's sale!  I'm excited to take her to a movie and "play" with our Christmas tree's as Brynlie puts it!

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!!