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Friday, October 22, 2010

Family Farm Fall 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fun at Family Farm

On Sunday we went to Family Farm for a picnic with the church. Nonee, Christy, Tatem, Melissa, Maddison and Mallory joined us. Everyone had a BLAST....just wish it actually felt like fall instead of summer. They had a petting zoo with bunnies, camels and a baby zebra. The camel kept wanting to give Brynlie a kiss and she was cracking up over it! They had big slides, paddle boats, a "train" ride, pumpkin patch and an awesome swing! I never thought in a million years Bryn would get on the huge 4 seater swing that you manully wind up and let go, but she did! All of them rode it twice.

Here is the website and password to view Bryn's 3 year old pictures.
password: birdsong2

Here are some pictures of us building our Halloween Haunted Cookie House.  HOLY orange icing EVERYWHERE!!  We had fun....always do together!!!

She is working on her super spooky evil laugh here!! 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dentist and Doctor

On September 14th Brynlie had her first trip to the dentist. After practically holding her down to get through the x-rays, which took a total of 4 people, she was so traumatized there was NO WAY she was going to let anyone put anything in her mouth! Didn’t matter if the lady had bubblegum flavored toothpaste or not! After seeing her x-rays I’m glad we got that part taken care of over the cleaning. Her permanent teeth are very crowded. Her two permanent front teeth are crooked and the two beside those are turned sideways. The doctor suggested we place a spacer in her mouth in 6-12 months to start making room for her permanent teeth and correct her overbite. I will definitely be getting a second opinion before this permanent contraption is placed in the roof of her mouth.

Next we went to visit Dr. Weed for her 3 year check up. As always he commented that it simply amazes him how much we look alike. He’s always said if he ever had to have a picture of a mother daughter look a-like, he would pick the two of us. Told me she resembled me more and more as she gets older! Hearing that NEVER gets old!! Monkey weighed 34 lbs which puts her in the 80th percentile and is 36 inches tall which puts her in the 50th percentile. I left with a perfect 3 year old, who didn’t even cry when she got a vaccination!

Brynlie has been singing a lot, and loves to listen to the radio as loud as it can get! She is now making up her own songs. One little diddy she made up went something like this….KK loves me this I know, bor the bible tell me so. No folks, that’s not a typo all her f’s are still b’s.

Here’s some more of Brynlie’s language:

Oh no, what my goin’ to do = Oh no, what am I going to do about it

What you did = What did you do

What her say = What did she say

Where it can be = Where can it be

Are ready = Are we ready to go

How it get off = How do I get this off

What time it is = What time is it

Where’s at = Where is it at

I ass you a question = I asked you a question

Pack pack = back pack

She has this fabulous habit of keeping her finger up her nose digging for gold! She got mad and started yelling yesterday morning “I got no boogers, I got no boogers” I told her that I wished her better luck tomorrow morning!!

She has told me she wanted to be a cow, a pumpkin and the latest was a hamster for Halloween! I’ve made her an awesome super hero costume for Halloween instead and Gigi taught her how to say “dant ta da don” when she puts her cape on. We’ve had fun flying around the house and saving each other with our super hero cape on. I told her maybe Mommy would make herself a cape to go trick-or-treating in with her and she could be Super Hero Mommy’s sidekick!

She loves caring for all her babies. She does not go anywhere with out the build a bear teddy bear I made her when I was pregnant. She sleeps with anywhere from 5-8 dolls and stuffed animals and I help tuck each and every one of them in, along with a kiss and hug goodnight…..for each and everyone, she doesn’t let me leave a single one of them out! She can also carry at least 5 different ones in an armload.

She’s been going to bed in her own bed every night, but rarely stays there. Don’t think she’s not going to come to my bed unaccompanied by her entourage. She brings them all no matter what wee hour of the morning it is, she also walks out the door each morning with an arm load.

The gumball machine I gave her for her birthday was a big hit. Of course, I thought it was going to work out great because I would make her earn her coin to get a gumball, you know like her picking up her own toys in at least her playroom or something. I think that has worked once, maybe twice. So thus far the score looks like this:

Mom: 1 Brynlie: 84 (4 gumballs per day x the 21 days of gumball machine possession)

The Monday morning she woke up after her birthday, as we were preparing lunches, coffee, bags, etc…to walk out the door I heard her at her gumball machine saying:

“good mornin’ gumballs”

“ooohhhh, you missed me?”

“I missed you too!”

“Mommy, my gumballs missed me and I NEED A BLUE ONE!”

I bought a new jogging stroller. A mac daddy jogging stroller, it has built in speakers. I just plug my MP3 player in and bam….surround sound for our journey! We love it!
Now that we’re back out on the streets, this girl cannot get enough! We went walking one morning before school and she was super upset because I did not walk her to school! Most of the time I let her pick the direction we go when approaching an intersection, but once it’s time to head home and she realizes when I turn onto the dreaded Hicks Road that we are indeed heading home she cry’s the rest of the way home and purposely makes it very difficult for me to remove her 34 pound body from the stroller!

Our car search has finally come to an exhausting end! Though Brynlie picked out a black BMW sports car, we ended up with something more practical for the 2 of us and all our traveling. She seriously had a melt down when we left the lot that day in our car….not the beamer. She screamed she wanted the pink car (not sure why she was calling it pink, maybe the tan leather interior) and NOT this car. Someone once told me you can have the good now, or wait for the great! This so applied to my car search. After turning back in 2 different vehicles I got a 2008 Limited Ford Escape, loaded and with low miles. Woot Woot! Bryn and I love driving with the sunroof open, radio cranked and singing at the top of our lungs!

We have a great weekend planned with cousins at the pumpkin patch on Saturday and Family Farm with the church and family on Sunday. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of pictures to share. My photographer just emailed me to say she’s almost done editing so when I get the word I’ll post the website and password to look at the proofs. She said Brynlie was such a character and was so entertaining the day of the photo shoot she’s been cracking up the whole time editing!!

This is a picture of the ARMLOAD she can carry....this is 5!!!  Picked up in one swift swoop.  She has a gift of strategically placing them so she can pick up and carry this many at one time.