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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Life with a 2 Year Old

Sunday morning I sat Bryn infront of the tv with a pop tart so I could shower, when I got out and checked on her she had painted her leg with the jelly from the pop tart. I cleaned her up and replaced it with dry cheerio's. I went back to do my make-up and hair and when I checked on her again this is what I found, and yes she was eating them!

When we got home from church she went out back to play. She came in shortly and said she had to potty. I took her dress off and to the laundry room for spray-n-wash, by the time I walked back through the living to change her clothes this is where I found her.

She loves playing out back! She's done such a good job of putting up Rhea Lana season, I'm going to look for her a swing set when we get back from the sale as my little prize for her! I'm so blessed to have such a good baby girl, especially with what she's been put through this past year. Speaking of Rhea Lana, I got her some killer clothes last week! A Juicy Couture swimming suit, Baby Lulu, Tralala, unique handmade clothes...all my usual favorite finds. I think this was my favorite set of clothes so far from there! I've missed her so much lately even though she's still right under my feet, it's just I've had to leave one job to come home and start working on the other. One day, when I only have to tell her twice a year "sorry, Mommy's got to work" it'll all be worth it! I know it'll be here before we know it! It's only by the grace of God I have the energy and sanity to make it through each day with a full time job, running a thriving franchise and raising a two year old all while flying solo!!
Now that it's staying lighter longer I'm looking foward to getting back out with the jogging stroller, she will let me go for a good 45 minutes, she loves riding in the stroller. The only part she could do without is my singing, she says "mommy, dop sinin" LOL, she's only 2 how does she already know I can't carry a tune to save my life??!!
She's able to count to 10 now!!! We are working on our ABC's and she once again amazed at gymnastics last week when she hung from the uneven bars and pulled her feet up to put her toes on the bar! Between Mommy being on live t.v. last week and her unreal ablility at gymnastics....we prefer to call each other.....SUPER STAR!