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Monday, February 1, 2010

Brynlie's Language

Bryn's speech therapist said she would be done working with her by the end of the month. YEA, Brynlie! Before her speech becomes perfect I wanted to get a little bit of her language documented. Up until last week she has thought her last name was Harmon, actually she thought every body's last name was Harmon. Of course, GiGi was eating it up, but I guess her speech therapist got a hold of her and they worked on her real name.

Brynee Bee-dong = Brynlie Birdsong
pooter = computer
bee-byes = french fries
I-com = ice cream
chee-butt = ketchup
caw-ket = chocolate
do-nin = doing
cuz = becuase
wuv uh = love you
see mo-nin = see you in the morning
hab gud day = have a good day
hole cow = holy cow
bass = bath
power = flower
butt-a-byes = butterflies
go cazy = go crazy (from Go Go)
adee = paci


Sam's Mom said...

So cute! I have a list like this from when Sam 1st started speech. She has come a LONG way but it's fun to look back and see just how far. One of my favorites was how she said ribbit ribbit..."Hi-ya hi-ya!"