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Monday, September 13, 2010

My Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl

We had Brynlie's birthday party on Sunday.  It was a Pixie Fairy Tea Party in the Enchanted Garden.  The house was decorated in lots of tulle and paper flowers.  All the little fairies running around were beautiful and everyone had a great time!  Though my house is now covered in glitter, it was all well worth it.  Hands down the best birthday party to date!
She started tap and ballet last week and loves it, just as expected!  I'm already anxious for her first recital!
We had her 3 year old pictures taken in a sunflower field.  What I had is my "sneak peek" the rest will be shown to me in a couple more weeks.  I'm VERY impressed with this photographer!  We had a lot of fun running around the sunflower field!
My website is officially up and running.  Let me just say...I belong creating things behind a sewing machine, NOT a laptop!  That job was soooo not fun and is an ever evolving one!  I've had to learn more technical stuff than I've ever cared to know about in my life!  My head hurts thinking about meta titles, spiders, crawlers, googlebots, sitemaps, froogle, back links....yada yada yada, all the stuff I've had to learn to ensure it was up and running properly.  More importantly that people could find it!  I'm so glad I've brought Gena on board to help me run this "accidental" monster of a business!  I've been pleasantly surprised with the response, moreso with the outside boutiques that have requested to carry my items!!!  YEA!!  The ball is definately if it'll just scoop me up along the way and drop me off working at home on my two business that's all I could ever ask for!  I'm...almost on cloud nine! 
Now for the galore of pictures!