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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fourth of July

Things have been CRAZY busy! Rhea Lana's 2nd Annual Back To School Event is in 3 weeks so it's crunch time! Thank goodness my leotard website has a "vacation mode" because I have more leotard orders than I know what to do with. I hate to shut down the website right now, but gonna have to so I can concentrate on my sale. I'll be working on several new ones for my own sale, I'm making K-State, KU, and WSU leo's for my sale in addition to some new designs.
Brynlie had a blast in Kansas over the fourth. It rained for 2 whole days while we were there and she HATED the fireworks. She was scared to death of them!! The kids didn't care much about all the rain, we let them play and swim in the rain. She had a good time in the parade, riding shot gun in the jeep waving at everybody for blocks and blocks...oh I'm sure all the candy being handed to her helped also! She had fun playing with all the little kids and I found a great babysitter to help me out while I'm there working!
She continues to keep me laughing with the stuff she says. The other morning I was eating a oatmeal bar taking her to Gigi's, she said "what are you eating, Mommy" I said "an oatmeal bar", she said "are you going to eat all of it", I said "yes", she replied with "OH MY GRACIOUS!"
She went to her Daddy's house yesterday for a week, I was telling her how much I was going to be missing her, and asked her if she would call me, she said "yes, Mommy I'll call you on Wesday" I'm pretty sure she said Wednesday, but have no idea where or why that word was chosen. Regardless it was funny.
Her speech therapist said we need to correct her when she says things wrong but instead we just find ourselves talking like her.

Two of them = Twos of them
Tomorrow = Tomornin
All F's are B's = bowers (flowers), bireworks(fireworks), bip bops (flip flops). My favorite is "I made somting bor you"

Those are the only two I can't think of right now. I love this stage where people have to look at me and ask "what did she just say?"

Some of the pictures are blurry, but I am investing in an expensive camera in just a few weeks. I'm soooo over my 100.00 camera's! Not only do I need a good one to capture an active 2 year old, but I'm looking into having my own website made for the leotards and I'll need a professional camera to take pictures. Hopefully in the next few months I'm wanting to get a website built for the leotards where you can customize your own, pick size, color, style, applique and fabric and the website shows you what you've customized looks like before you order it! Genius right, but I can't take credit for that idea...have to hand credit over to Gigi. I'm excited, once my sale is over, to focus on taking the leotards to the next level and see what happens. I have a vision for both of my businesses but patients, money, and time seem to hinder that vision!

I absolutely love this picture. We were at a BBQ and 8 little girls were having a parade of umbrella's. They made a huge tent of umbrella's to sit in, you can see some of it behind Brynlie, and this picture was taken when Brynlie popped out of the "tent" with her umbrella.