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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Bryn's been taking "gnastiks" as we call it for about a month now. She loves it!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

What a great day! When we got up, Nonee came over to eat breakfast and open presents. Santa brought Brynlie a Ms. Potato Head, beads to lace into necklaces, some traveling toys, Monkey house shoes, and a microphone! I gave Bryn, with the help of many others a playroom for Christmas. It's still under construction but we're almost there. I'll post pictures when it's complete and together, these are just a preview :) Papa Roy and Grammy bought a table and chairs for the playroom, Nonee bought a bean bag and books for the reading area, and Gigi and KK have spent many hours helping me paint. After presents this morning we went to serve lunch to the needy at The Salvation Army, but unfortunately they cancelled Christmas dinner due to the flooding so we headed to the hospital to spend some time with Uncle Tom and Aunt Narcie, then it was off to Christmas dinner at Uncle Don's house. We are stuffed and tired, maybe I should be taking a late evening nap with her!! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. We are very much so looking foward to 2010 and hope you are too!!

We painted a chalk board on the wall, it was a big hit this morning!

This will be the reading corner, fabric will be pulled back and bean bag in corner.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Santa Tutu

I made this tutu just to have some pictures taken in. She loved wearing it, but insisted I make her bear a tutu to wear during the photo shoot. I didn't think that was too much to ask, so I was happy to oblige my little angel. Thanks to KK for helping with the super model during the shoot!

Two Year Old Pictures

Eric couldn't of done a better job, once again! There will be a couple other poses posted on his website.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Boyfriends Birthday

Bryn went to her boyfriends birthday party on Saturday. His name is Noah, they met at the gym when they were just infants. LOL. He had a camo themed birthday party and everyone came dressed in their camo's. Of course, Big Daddy (aka Randy) took her to Harmon Outdoors to get her fitted for the party. The kids had a blast eating hot dogs, cupcakes and taking four wheeler rides. Unfortunately, Noah was afraid of the Mr. Potato we picked out as a gift. She had so much fun she passed out as soon as it was over!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Carnival

Preston and Brynlie went to the Christmas carnival at church this Satruday. They both had a great time playing games and petting the lambs, goats, and bunnies in the petting zoo. Usually Brynlie loves to get in the big blow up houses and slides but she was scared this time for some reason. She had fun dancing and singing to the Christmas music while Preston jumped.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Brynlie has been so funny with her babies lately. As soon as she gets up and dressed in the morning she is tending to one or more of her babies. She will put them nite nite, tell me they want candy to eat (tonight it was cheese), change a diaper...she lays them down and says "baby poop." When I put the snowman out a couple weeks ago she now talks to him, drags him around, and kisses him bye every morning. She was playing patty cake with him tonight, so I grabbed the camera for a quick video. Her speech is wonderful, she is saying 3-4 word sentences and repeating everything. It caught my attention in WalMart the other day when I responded to the price of something with "holy crap" and a little voice from the basket shouted "holy cap" Ooopps! It could be worse!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Visit to Santa

We went to the Benton Christmas parade earlier this week. She waited patiently for the parade to start and enjoyed watching it. She was very excited to see Santa...she kept saying "Hi, Ca Cause" BUT as we were walking up the steps to sit on Santa's lap she started squeezing me harder and saying "no, Ca Cause" I coaxed her into it, sat her on his lap and RAN!! She did GREAT!
She's now in a big girl booster at the dinner table with Mommy. No more highchair. I love it, but it makes me sad she's big enough to sit at the dinner table with me. I wish I could say the picture with black teeth was oreo's...but no, she's into eating crayons right now...this one was black! We are still battling bedtime. The other night as she was making her nightly trip into my room at 2:00 am she decided she wasn't sleepy anymore and played for 2 hours in the middle of the night!! REALLY! When I dropped her off at GiGi's, I said I might not be back for a day or so! Nonee....PLEASE come home soon!