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Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Visit to Santa

We went to the Benton Christmas parade earlier this week. She waited patiently for the parade to start and enjoyed watching it. She was very excited to see Santa...she kept saying "Hi, Ca Cause" BUT as we were walking up the steps to sit on Santa's lap she started squeezing me harder and saying "no, Ca Cause" I coaxed her into it, sat her on his lap and RAN!! She did GREAT!
She's now in a big girl booster at the dinner table with Mommy. No more highchair. I love it, but it makes me sad she's big enough to sit at the dinner table with me. I wish I could say the picture with black teeth was oreo's...but no, she's into eating crayons right now...this one was black! We are still battling bedtime. The other night as she was making her nightly trip into my room at 2:00 am she decided she wasn't sleepy anymore and played for 2 hours in the middle of the night!! REALLY! When I dropped her off at GiGi's, I said I might not be back for a day or so! Nonee....PLEASE come home soon!


Anonymous said...

love the pics