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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Brynlie has been so funny with her babies lately. As soon as she gets up and dressed in the morning she is tending to one or more of her babies. She will put them nite nite, tell me they want candy to eat (tonight it was cheese), change a diaper...she lays them down and says "baby poop." When I put the snowman out a couple weeks ago she now talks to him, drags him around, and kisses him bye every morning. She was playing patty cake with him tonight, so I grabbed the camera for a quick video. Her speech is wonderful, she is saying 3-4 word sentences and repeating everything. It caught my attention in WalMart the other day when I responded to the price of something with "holy crap" and a little voice from the basket shouted "holy cap" Ooopps! It could be worse!


Nana said...

OMG cute pics