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Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

What a great day! When we got up, Nonee came over to eat breakfast and open presents. Santa brought Brynlie a Ms. Potato Head, beads to lace into necklaces, some traveling toys, Monkey house shoes, and a microphone! I gave Bryn, with the help of many others a playroom for Christmas. It's still under construction but we're almost there. I'll post pictures when it's complete and together, these are just a preview :) Papa Roy and Grammy bought a table and chairs for the playroom, Nonee bought a bean bag and books for the reading area, and Gigi and KK have spent many hours helping me paint. After presents this morning we went to serve lunch to the needy at The Salvation Army, but unfortunately they cancelled Christmas dinner due to the flooding so we headed to the hospital to spend some time with Uncle Tom and Aunt Narcie, then it was off to Christmas dinner at Uncle Don's house. We are stuffed and tired, maybe I should be taking a late evening nap with her!! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. We are very much so looking foward to 2010 and hope you are too!!

We painted a chalk board on the wall, it was a big hit this morning!

This will be the reading corner, fabric will be pulled back and bean bag in corner.