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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Take 2

We made a stop at Target tonight on the way home. We got a baby that potty's, Elmo's Potty Time DVD, and new Elmo panties that Brynlie picked out all by herself! I also officially started Christmas shopping, I love it when you can do that with the child right there in the cart. When we got home I put the DVD on, let her put on a new pair of her panties, and showed her how her baby used the potty. She was sitting on her potty watching her movie when low and behold SHE POTTIED!!!! Even though it was through her panties I was excited! We might not be able to leave the house for the entire weekend since this is on the agenda, but I really think she's ready. I'm also really hoping she'll be back to sleeping in her own bed all night by the end of the weekend. So....wish us luck (or maybe say a prayer for my sanity)!! She's doing good with colors, she knows blue and pink and can count to 10 better in Spanish than she can in English (repeating the numbers).