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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Little This and That

After spending two years with Bodie....she finally tried some of his food! She started wiping her tongue on GiGi's leg afterwards. YUCK! Her speech is still improving greatly each week. I was putting a sweater (as a jacket) on her last week and she started saying "no, mommy, eww eww" Frequently I have to tell her to show me because I don't know what she's saying. She took me to the coat rack and pointed to her monkey jacket, but she won't say monkey! She does the same in the bath tub with her toy ducks, she just says quack, quack when she see's one or picks it up to play with it. At least now I know when she's saying "eww eww" she wants either her monkey jacket or monkey pj's. Speaking of pj's her sleeping habits have went down the toilet! I feel like I'm dealing with an infant again! She's up way too late and up way to early since sleeping with me. She used the "I want milk" as a stalling method for the fist time last night. Most of the time she'll stay in bed in the mornings if I turn cartoons on for her or will just get up and play in bed or grab a book while I'm getting ready. Monday morning I was in the shower and looked down to see buck naked Brynlie standing at the shower door saying "Bryne bat" Call me selfish, but I need just an hour or so at night and again in the morning before I have to put my "single mommy of a two year old" skills to work! So I'm fixin' to put the smackdown on some sleeping habits around here! Since she's been taking her diaper off by herself all the time lately, I'm pretty sure we are going to try potty training again soon. Just trying to figure out which is more important....the sleeping or the potty training, because I'm only going to work on one at a time!