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Monday, November 23, 2009

Playroom 1-2-3

I fixed up a playroom for Brynlie. I had 3 emotions come over me when I was done. 1.) I was happy to have my living room/kitchen/bedroom/master bath back! 2.) I was a little embarrassed the 2 of us could fill up every inch of a four bedroom house, however the house has started looking REALLY good! 3.) For the first time....I'm not concerned about where I'm going to put all of Santa's goodies! I taught Brynlie how to say "Bring It, Santa" I wish I would remember to hold the camera right when videoing, but this one was too cute....had to share it. Oh, yes....if you are wondering about the potty was a NO GO. It was easy to talk myself out of sticking to it when I realized any strides she might gain would probably be lost while enjoying the long holiday weekend.


Gena said...

That girl's got moves!