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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Potty Trained!!!

Brynlie started using the potty on Monday, January 10th. She had about one accident per day up until Thursday. For some reason, the accidents were at GiGi's. She would go for me and Nonee, but wouldn't potty for GiGi until Thursday. I had a long talk with Brynlie Wednesday night about going potty for GiGi, because after going three times for Nonee Wednesday night while I was at bible study, GiGi really started getting her feelings hurt. Gigi said it brought tears to her eyes when she finally went for her! HAHA!! Bryn has the CUTEST smile on her face when she's using the restroom, like it's just the coolest thing ever and she is SO proud of herself. She has been getting rewarded with "canny" and a "stikar." She's been watching me and GiGi paint on her playroom for weeks and weeks and has been begging us to let her paint. So first thing Saturday morning I took her to Target to pick out a painting prize for going potty all week long! She picked out her first set of finger paints. I've taken her out to eat twice, Gena took her to the gym, and then church this morning in panties, and she did great!! We've actually not had an accident since Thursday! She's also been napping without a diaper, but I still put one on her at night....especially since she sleeps in my bed! She's having some problems being able to poop in the potty, hopefully we'll overcome that in a few more days. I can't believe she's potty trained, and it was SO EASY. I'm so very proud of her, but hate how she looks like a big girl in panties!
We are very close to completing the playroom, maybe one more week and I'll get pictures posted. It turned out AMAZING and I can't wait to share it with everyone!