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Monday, September 21, 2009

Barbie Power Wheels

She's been scared of this thing ever since we got it. So tonight I told her I would push her on it, and while I was "pushing" she was hitting the button and got a little more comfortable riding it. Of course, it'll take a while to master the stearing and as you can see in the video she's not just full of patients with it yet! I honestly don't know why I'm wasting money on Dish Network, she is my entertainment from the time we walk in the door until the time she goes to bed. She's made huge strides with her speech, she's been putting words together and learning new ones everyday! I've decided to give the potty training a rest for a couple weeks. She's ready, just not interested. Imagine That! Somehow she has gotten stuck on the word poop, and right now EVERYTHING is poop.